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being jenny k tran

charismatic woman
JKT is a high-fashioned brand that focuses on custom-fitted womenswear as a medium of expression. We believe that the era of women is now stronger than ever and they deserve finest habiliments to represent their charisma, their pride and their art- of- living.


From the main Menswear Designer for Burberry London line of Burberry, to the Founder of a high-fashioned custom-fitted womenswear brand.

Beginnings of a Fashion Journey

Graduated from Manchester School of Art, she was chosen to be the main Menswear Designer for Burberry London line of Burberry, a position that countless designers would dream of. She was also one of 15 people admitted to the Royal College of Art class 2014.


In 2016, Jenny K Tran returned to Vietnam to found her own brand, to be freely creative in the fashion world that she'd always aspired to.

7 years of training in the UK has helped Jenny K Tran comprehend the way women's suits become softer, more luxurious, more modern but never lost the heritage of fashion history.


The team

Inside The Creative Atelier

"Creative Atelier" is where our talented craftspeople can immerse themselves in the inspiration of fashion and the beauty of tailoring. This is the place to feel the most clearly the flow of fashion history on each design, feel the meticulousness and enthusiasm of the craftsmen in every detail of the product.

Unlimited creativity, strict standards, the patience of the team... just to make the drawing become reality. Until a design is on the shelf, we understand behind it are hundreds hours of intense concentration from those delicate hands.



The most important
element in fashion design

Due to the complex nature of making women's suits, we have always seek for an exceptional material that is both gentle, well-shaped and not wrinkled to create the most elegant look. Our most common material is woven from a fine silk thread, which has one sand surface, the other one is smooth, slightly stretchy, would be a complimentary to most types of suits.


Where Tailoring meets
Haute Couture

Tailoring is a cultural legacy that take years to learn. A well-tailored suit can mold the silhouette with absolute precision. The art of Tailoring that has made the reputation of JENNY K TRAN is usually cleverly integrated with Haute Couture, creating an absolute fit in the signature Hourglass silhouette for each design, refining for elevated beauty that rises above time.

Our Charismatic Women

Jenny K Tran's Women have always been at the center of creativity, an endless source of inspiration in our designs. They are also our "Co-Creators", they live in, bring their soul and their own individuality to each design.

Those iconic women would naturally attract others through her quietly confident without being fussy, for the "Unapologetic attitude” that they never feel guilty about being themselves. It is the image of the women we always aim for.


We dream of a world full of confident and self-loving women where knowledge, fierce attitude and humanity are all that matters.